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Electrical Wiring in the Tiny House

As the days and weeks seem to blur into one another, it's hard to say how long it took to complete the wiring in the tiny house, but for me personally, it was one of the most enjoyable phases of... Continue Reading →

Moving Inside

Once I had finished up everything on the outside of the home, it was time to begin work on the interior. Having no experience of construction, I was unsure at to the preferred order of things. I've since learned that... Continue Reading →

Alright, so I've decided to start a side blog, where I talk about the personal side of the tiny house journey. In this section, I will discuss the challenges that we go through when building a tiny house related to... Continue Reading →

Building a Front Door for a Tiny House

Due to the custom size of our front door, there was no chance of me finding something off the shelf. The door was going to have to be custom made. With no idea how to even hang a door, never... Continue Reading →

Siding Part 2 – Cedar Shingles

I've been so pre-occupied with the house and work that I have had no time to write in these pages. So much has happened in the last little while, but I will keep it specifically about the siding for now.... Continue Reading →

Siding – Part 1 – Bevelled Cedar

I've decided to break the siding down into two parts, mainly because the siding is split into two; lower half and upper half. This post will cover the lower half of the house, from the ground, up to the belly band.... Continue Reading →

Installing Trim

It's been almost a month since my last post, I'm sorry to leave you hanging on so long for a proper update, but I've gone back to work for four days a week now and there's been a few little... Continue Reading →

Asking for Help

I'm not sure if it's just me, or perhaps men in general, but it seems as if asking for help doesn't come easily. Whether it's ego, or simply the satisfaction of completing something yourself, asking for help gets in the... Continue Reading →

Roofing Considerations

The roofing might possibly the most complicated stage of the entire build so far. To be honest, I hadn't even given it much thought before deciding on a standing seam, metal roof. I guess that seeing the number of tiny... Continue Reading →

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