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The One Year Mark – Building a Tiny House

March 17th 2016 - That's the date I collected the bare naked trailer! On one hand that year has flown by and on the other, it's been a long hard slog. I definitely thought it was going to be completed... Continue Reading →

The Art of Healing through building a Tiny House

It was inevitable that as soon as the finish line came into sight, that I would injure myself. I never listen to my body when it's screaming at me to slow down, I guess I've been raised to push myself, which... Continue Reading →

Installing Gutters to the Tiny House

Whilst I installed the gutters a number of months ago now, I thought these rainy days that we're currently getting was a perfect time to write about gutters. Besides, the publishing schedule for the YouTube videos has just seen me... Continue Reading →

Right before I started the tiny house build I wanted so badly to record the entire process to video and produce a video blog of the entire build. With almost zero knowledge of construction processes, I soon realized how demanding... Continue Reading →

Fitting the Propane Lines to my Tiny House

Well, I certainly seem to be on a roll here! Just the day after completing the drainage I managed to successfully complete the gas lines and get hot water into the tiny house. The local stores here in Tofino are... Continue Reading →

Plumbing in the Tiny House Drainage System

Once I'd finished the water delivery pipes, I got right into the drainage system for the Tiny House and it went a lot easier and more quickly than I had expected. I'd previously planned a drainage system on paper and... Continue Reading →

Plumbing a Tiny House – Water Delivery

So, without wasting any time, I got right back into it and finished the water delivery lines this week. It didn't happen without incident, read on to find out what happened. So first of all, I paid someone to plumb... Continue Reading →

It's now January 26 2017 and you may have noticed a quiet time here on the site, well,  I thought I'd write a short aside to let you all know how things are going here on the Tiny House.  First... Continue Reading →

Electrical Wiring in the Tiny House

As the days and weeks seem to blur into one another, it's hard to say how long it took to complete the wiring in the tiny house, but for me personally, it was one of the most enjoyable phases of... Continue Reading →

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