The first thing I ordered was was the trailer.

Placing that order was the first major decision and the initial commitment to the project. After placing that order, I was scared. I now knew that there was no turning back.

Finding a trailer is not the hard part as there are so many people now building Tiny Home specific trailers, it’s deciding which one to go for. At this stage of the project, it’s very likely that you know very little about building techniques and trailer sizing and all the little quirks that would be beneficial to know when ordering a trailer.

I wanted to build under the maximum width, which is 8′ 6″ here in Canada. With this in mind I set out to order a trailer. I found a local dealer ‘Harbour Equipment‘ who were also supplying local tiny home builders ‘Re-Wild Homes‘. I could have ordered with either company as the pricing was the same. However, I went with Harbour Equipment, simply because of circumstantial reasons based on the time I called falling right before the order was to be placed.

I have been told different things about the trailer, first I was of the opinion that it was going to be 96″ wide (8 foot) which then allows for 3″ on either side for plywood sheathing (1/2″), rain-skirt (1/2″), siding (1/2″) plus a 1 1/2″ overhang (3″ from the outside of the 2×4), or perhaps some guttering?


Shortly after ordering I was told that the trailer width is actually 100″. This doesn’t leave too much room for the overhang but just enough for sheathing, rain-skirt and siding.

After casting some doubts, I was told that these were the dimensions requested during feedback from ‘Re-wild homes‘. (Rewild has since denied requesting these measurements, so I have no idea why the trailers have been built to this dimension) And so, I must now wait until the trailer is delivered before I can measure up accurately and decide on the build process. Based on how I want to build, it seems at this time, that I am going to be over the maximum width before needing a permit.

The trailer comes with levelling jacks built into the corners too. This will be great, so that I can simply get on with the build immediately, saving time needed to install my own.

I am hoping that the folks at Re-Wild Homes can describe to me how they build into the trailer, making my job a little easier. For now though, I must simply await the call to go pick up my trailer. That will be the moment of truth, dictating how I will begin the foundations of my new home.