It was all happening so perfectly, synchronistic events we’re occurring and my trip to Vancouver to attend the ‘Tumbleweed’ Tiny House workshop seemed to fall at the perfect time to collect my trailer on the return journey. But things didn’t quite go as expected.

Tumbleweed Workshop

Quite a few moons ago I booked into the Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshop. I managed to save some money on this by buying it at the early bird rate. I booked it before I’d even started proper research. After researching for almost three months, I was starting to wonder if it was going to be worth the trip?

It totally was!

The presenters were Guillaume and Jenna from Tiny House Giant Journey, and if any of you have seen their videos, you will know how entertaining they cane be.

The workshop had about 80 attendees from all over and was a great place to network and learn. I mainly benefitted by realising that my research so far, was on track. The workshop also instilled more confidence in what I had already decided upon.

There were also many valuable things that I picked up that I had not considered. So, if like me, you are not buying a tumbleweed trailer, or tumbleweed house, the workshop was still definitely worth attending.

Picking up the Trailer

I headed back over to Vancouver Island for the night and prior to leaving the next morning, I received the phone call explaining that my trailer was ready to pick up. Perfect! What amazing timing.

We stopped by with extreme excitement to see our trailer for the first time, yet with some intrepidation as to how this mountainous drive back home was going to pan out.

The trailer looked way bigger than I had imagined, but it seemed very well constructed, with a beautful powder coated finish, that I am going to be very scared to drill into. With that said though, the ambivilence of both excitement to receive the trailer and the fear of what I’ve now got to do, realy started to kick in.

It’s like an artist sitting in-front of a plain canvas… what am I about to do!!?

trailer photo cropped
The First Look at My ‘Rainbow’ Trailer

Registering the Trailer

The trailer dealer, ‘Harbour City Equipment‘ had pre-arranged the ICBC representative to be in attendance so that we can register and insure the trailer.

The trailer is a specific ‘Tiny Home trailer’, the first batch that has ever been built by Rainbow Trailers. It was built in collaboration with and feedback from “Rewild Homes”.

After a moment of deliberation, the ICBC representative decided to register the trailer as simply a ‘trailer’ and recommended that once the house is built on it, to maybe consider changing the registration to an RV.
This is something we will have to look into at a later date.
Registering cost $18 and the day permit to move the trailer was going to be approximately $35. The reason I say approximately, is because, it didn’t actually happen…


All was going well until the dealer realised that my truck was not rated to tow the 2500 lb trailer.

There was no way that we could take the trailer today. We live out in the middle of nowhere at the end of the road, so making the 400km round trip isn’t something we want to do too many times. Luckily I had a appointment to attend ten days later, so we’ve booked a ‘Budget’ rental truck, rated to tow 5000 lbs and we will be back to collect the trailer soon.


We bought a truck so that we can mainly pick up wood and supplies throughout the build. However, it had a tow package, so we were hoping that we might be able to collect our trailer and save the additional cost of a rental.

An oversight was the ratings of tow weight for our truck. Being a 4 litre V6, I thought it would manage, but I was wrong. Make sure you know the weight of your trailer and the tow rating for your truck.