Picking up the trailer was an exciting and eventful day. Which, to my relief, went down with much success.

As you know from my previous post, we had to leave the trailer behind at our last collection attempt, due to my truck not being rated to tow 2500lbs. This time though, we’d booked a F350 truck from Budget, rated to tow 5000lbs.

An early start was needed due to the 500km plus round trip. We arrived in Port Alberni at 8am to receive the truck, as he pulled the truck around, I realised this was going to tow the trailer without flinching. The truck was huge and as I climbed up into the drivers seat, I felt like a child driving his fathers car without permission.

Another hour and a half to Duncan and the folks at Harbour City Equipment were extremely helpful. They had pre-arranged ICBC to be in attendance to insure the trailer.

A day permit was $38 fully comprehensive.

As rental trucks don’t come with the receiver and ball with which to tow, we needed to buy one. These also come with a rating.

We decided to buy a tow ball and hitch rated for 14,000 lbs so that if we needed to move the house when it was complete, that we’d already have the necessary equipment.

This set us back another $130.

Armed with the insurance and the towing necessities, the folks helped us get the trailer connected and set up. We made sure we got the full instructions, safety first!

Moving the Trailer

I’m pretty sure that my entire set up, truck and trailer was around 40 feet, it was time to test my driving skills.

Thankfully we were straight onto the highway and had the opportunity to practice some wide turns, it was actually very easy, but I was now on my way to Home Depot to collect some insulation. My fears of reversing this sucker were bubbling away underneath.

I had practiced reversing the trailer in my mind a few times before this day and it seemed to pay off. Whilst I wasn’t exactly sure how the trailer was going to handle, I had a good idea of what I needed to do.

I confidently swept around the parking lot like a graceful figure skater on their gold medal olympic run. All parked up and wearing a childlike smile in the Nanaimo sunshine, I strolled with a manly swagger into Home Depot.

I bought 5 sheets of 3” ’Dura-foam’ Rigid Insulation for the flooring (more on that in another post) and a few other items that I needed for the initial stages of the build. I loaded them up and went on to the next stage of the day.

Parking the Foundation

So the long drive was complete, I now just had to back the foundations of our new home into the spot where I am going to build.

I was more nervous about this than any other stage as it was a pretty tight spot.

I’d clearly learned alot in my 4 hours of driving the trailer, as I slotted it in without an issue.

So now the real work begins, it’s time to build a house!

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