Today was an excellent day as I achieved way more than I had expected.

The weather was beautiful and as such, the second coat of paint dried amazingly fast, it was at this time that a friend happened to stop by to see how things were going.

Whilst I was planing to flip the frame tomorrow with the help of about 4 or 5 people, the two of us decided to give it a go.

It was heavy!

floor flip
Floor being flipped

Whilst we were half way through the manoeuvre, a neighbour ran over to help and we had it flipped in under 10 minutes. Thanks guys!

It fitted perfectly, as I had hoped and as expected, but there’s always room for doubt right!

Floor in place – the right way up!

It was a great celebration after flipping the floor, but it didn’t stop me from continuing on to make even more of the day.

Installing the Insulation

Now it was flipped, it was time to fill it with my pre-cut insulation. After pressing the pieces into place, I used spray foam to fill the big gaps and later added tuct tape to seal it in good. 

EPS rigid foam insulation and spray foam

By 6pm I’d ran out of tuct tape and so so decided to use my time to test the coach bolts.

I’d decided to use 3/8” x 4 1/2” coach bolts to attach the framework to the trailer. I wanted to attach the frame BEFORE putting on the plywood subfloor so that I could counter sink the bolts to hide them under the floor.

IMG_7348 copy
The washer goes underneath the trailer

I used an 1” wide drill bit for the countersinking and then a 3/8” x 4” steel drill bit (the gold one) to drill down and through the trailer frame.

The good thing about my trailer frame is that the cross-members are made of C-channel steel, so it is only about an 1/8” thick, making it way easier than what many tiny home bloggers seem to experience. After a few seconds of pressure I was through.

The 3/8” drill bit leaves the fitting a little snug for the bolt, but I ream it out a little and then hammer the coach bolt through. Thankfully my measurements were correct and the  coach bolts I bought were the perfect length to go through.

What’s Next?

Tomorrow, I will drill the remaining 25 holes for the coach bolts, complete the tuct taping of the insulation and attach the 3/4” subfloor. Then it’s time get the supplies for the walls!