Well, it’s been 11 days since I posted, it seems like an eternity and there’s so much to tell you.  I’m not sure where to begin, or even how many days I’m at right now.

I’ve been working so hard on the house, I’m either too tired or have no time at the end of the day to type out my thoughts or actions from the day.

I have certainly learned so much over the last several days though, it’s been an intensive crash course in building and in life.

I’m not going to be able to break down the days because I’ve just completely lost track.

There’s been some rainy days, some fixing days, some research days, some slow days and some rushed days. It’s been quite a blur and it continues to be so, but in a good way!

I might change the format of the posting here slightly and rather than break down each day, will maybe have two channels of communication. One for telling you about what’s happening and another for more specific building processes. Lets see how it unfolds.

For now though, I’ll paraphrase the last several days.

Day 14 – was helped with making the ridge-beam and initiating the rafter process.

Day 15 – realised the ridge-beam had been set incorrectly and then promised myself to never let anyone take over my build regardless of their ‘experience’. I then set the ridge-beam up properly and lowered it a little and began making my own rafters, that turned out way better anyway.

Day 16 – Rafters and Dormer Loft

Day 17 –  Dormer Loft

Day 18 – Gabel Wall Ends

Day 19 – Roof Sheathing

Day 20 – Roof Sheathing

Yes the dormer loft actually had me confused for a while and I took it slowly. It’s so helpful to have some friends on hand to help talk you though something.

(Side Note: As you may have gathered from above, if you’re going to build yourself a tiny house, be VERY careful who you ask for help; ask 5 different builders how to do something and you’ll get 5 different answers.)

The hardest part is trying to decipher which one of your builder friends is right. The thing is, they all are, or possibly they’re all wrong! Who knows, every one has their own way of doing things. It will be the hardest thing for you to navigate.

Ultimately the decision is down to you, even if you pay someone to do it, you’re putting complete trust in them, so make the decision wisely.

So now I’m in a good place: almost all the framing is complete! Hoorah! Quite the milestone. But, it’s not quite time to celebrate yet, now I have to continue figuring out how to fit the roofing panels.

I recall my Dad telling me years ago to ‘read the instructions’. I’ve never read so many instructions in my life as I have over the last month.  Well Dad, your advice finally paid off! 😉

Who thought I’d ever be reading the instructions for some roofing panels and flashing!?