Alright, so I’ve decided to start a side blog, where I talk about the personal side of the tiny house journey. In this section, I will discuss the challenges that we go through when building a tiny house related to personal growth, rather than the technical side of the build.

This section will also include my work with local councils and other agencies that I may meet with along the way in attempts to legalize our situation.

Let me introduce myself…

My name is Alan, and I’m am originally from the UK. I left England in 2004 to pursue a life in Canada. I married in 2012 after moving to Tofino, BC, in 2011. After four years in Tofino my wife and I recognized our goal of living in an eco-friendly home, with an off-grid set up, to minimize our footprint. This was further compounded by our understanding that rent was too high in Tofino and along with my addiction to the youtube channel, ‘Living big in a tiny house‘, we felt encouraged to remove ourselves from the rental market.

This firstly manifested in selling most of our belongings and buying an RV from a friend. We found a place to park it and began living in it. At this time, we had no plans to build a tiny house, simply taking it one stage at a time we were entering unknown territory and were simply opening up to whatever may be. We had nothing to lose, it started as an experiment.

It was November when we moved into the RV, so the weather was wet, stormy and cold. After a month, my wife suggested we seriously consider building a tiny house.

Research began and simply flowed into the process of starting to build a tiny house. By March, we were picking up a tiny house trailer.

It seemed to happen without any thought or action. Decisions didn’t even seem to be decisions and it was as if we were just being carried by some greater calling. We were in the flow of something special and looking back I have no real recollection of any defining moment when we agreed to build a tiny house; it just happened!

So flash forward 1 year, we’re still living in the RV, but the house is close to completion. I have learnt a lot about construction, electrical, plumbing and the housing industry, but also a hell of a lot about myself.

This has been a life changing experience and I’m sure much more will be learned as we continue along this path. I hope my writings here inspire change and progression of our collective human experience.