Once I had finished up everything on the outside of the home, it was time to begin work on the interior.

Having no experience of construction, I was unsure at to the preferred order of things. I’ve since learned that plumbing should come before electrical, and drainage should come before water supply, but hey, I went straight into the electrical.

The reason the drainage should happen first, is because they are the most cumbersome pipes and can be worked around more easily with the water delivery pipes than the other way around. Also, the electrical should come last as the wires are the easier to damage.

With it being such a small space though, I don’t think it really matters. None of my plumbing is going to run through the walls anyway and the runs are so short, it’s not going to pose a problem.

I wanted to get power into the place so that I could continue working later into the evening as the nights were drawing in and it was starting to get dark earlier.

And so, despite just weeks earlier saying, “I think I’m just going to pay someone to do the electrical.” I began digging deeper into the research and the self teaching process of wiring a house.