It’s now January 26 2017 and you may have noticed a quiet time here on the site, well,  I thought I’d write a short aside to let you all know how things are going here on the Tiny House. 

First of all, don’t worry, things are going great. We were treated by my Father, to a trip back to my place of origin; England. It was a surprise for my Mum for the holidays and couldn’t have been a bigger surprise!

I left the Tiny House and the RV that we have been living in for 14 months, on December 11th. We got back to Tofino on Jan 23rd and have been settling back in nicely.

I got back to work on the tiny house yesterday and it felt good to be making progress again. More on that in another post soon.

I just wanted to highlight, for any other potential tiny house builders out there, that taking a long break from building is a MUST. At the time it might feel like it’s not an option to turn your back on the pile of insurmountable tasks, however, the break has cleared my mind and given me a much needed re-boot.

Living in an RV

For me, it’s not just the task of building a tiny house, but the challenge of living in a motorhome that certainly adds another level of challenge to the mix. Getting out of the RV over winter has been such a blessing, but to add to that, upon our return, we have scored an amazing house sitting opportunity.

Our friends’ off-grid cabin will house us from now until sometime in March. I’m sure you can hear the sigh of relief through the screen! Ahhhhhhhhhh…. 😉 A huge thank you to our friend for this!


So now we’re settled in a more suitable living environment, I can focus on the task at hand and that’s finishing our tiny house!

Stay tuned for more updates here and also on Instagram.