Right before I started the tiny house build I wanted so badly to record the entire process to video and produce a video blog of the entire build.

With almost zero knowledge of construction processes, I soon realized how demanding it was going to be to just build, never mind record, edit, organize, post and maintain. Besides this, I felt completely inexperienced to be showing somebody how i’m doing something, when I initially had no confidence in what I was doing and if it was even correct.

As time drew on though, I started to develop an urge to document the process in more ways than just writing a blog. Following inspiration from other tiny house blogs, such as Tiny Nest and Life inside box, I became motivated to start. 

Video experience and encouragement

I have had previous video experience, as I ran an education portal for learning DJ computer software, so it’s not as if I had an entirely new skill to learn, but I did know how much work it was going to be; taking on such a task. Understandably I was apprehensive.

Despite this, another factor that encouraged me to start, was the introduction of high speed, fibre optic internet to our community; something that had been lacking up until the late end of 2016. Now, with an ability of uploading videos with minimal frustration and time, coupled with a little more understanding of the build process, I felt ready to hit the record button.

Posting to Youtube

youtube-instagramWhilst I have been unable to record everything, I have managed to record most of the main processes of building my house.

To be honest, the main reason I wanted to record the process, was simply so that I had it preserved. It’s quite a feat building a house, so I felt it was a worthy thing to have videos of.

Second to that though, I wanted to inspire others. I felt so inspired by watching other people do it, that I thought by showing what I had done, I could also inspire more people to follow suit.

I am a strong believer in the Tiny House Movement and feel that we, as a society, need to change our destructive and over-consuming ways. During my research for a presentation I was delivering on Tiny Houses, I was shocked to find out the estimated time left before our resources run out for building houses. This made me even more of a proponent for the tiny house movement. We can no longer sustain large mansion style homes and we must live more frugally if we are to enjoy our planet in the long term.

Anyway, I digress.

I started a YouTube Channel and played catch up with some videos. There are some parts of the build missing, but I believe the main parts are covered so far. There’s a delay in time between what’s being posted to YouTube, versus where I’m at in the build, but I don’t feel this causes any loss of impact to the viewing itself.

So, if you want to check out the videos and help me inspire more people, then please subscribe to my channel and share what you like.

There are many more videos to come, so I hope you enjoy them and find them helpful.

Huge thanks!