Whilst I installed the gutters a number of months ago now, I thought these rainy days that we’re currently getting was a perfect time to write about gutters. Besides, the publishing schedule for the YouTube videos has just seen me publish the gutter video which you can see below.

Why put gutters on a tiny house?

To be honest, when I started to build a tiny house, I didn’t give too much consideration to adding gutters. I’m not sure why this was, but perhaps it’s a feature that many tiny houses don’t seem to have, perhaps this is either down to the limited width of a ‘travelling’ tiny house. Or perhaps there’s concern that the gutters will fly off when driving down the road?

Well, our house was never intended to be on the road full time and so I was happy to add some gutters.

Gutters are originally intended to keep water away from the foundation of a house, but with a tiny house, there is no foundation as such and there’s less concern when it comes to pushing water away from the base of the house. Having said this however, we live in an extremely high rain zone! January alone has an average rainfall of 486mm (19.157 inches) With 3.27 metres of rainfall in a year!

Water collecting on the ground can soften the area around your tiny house and if you have it resting on blocks or jacks then these can sink. Aside from this, our long term intention is to harvest rainwater.

Harvesting Rain Water

With thanks to the tinyhomebuilders.com website, I found this conversion table:

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 7.49.06 AM

So based on our rainfall in January we could collect about 2485 gallons in one month alone: That’s almost 10,000 litres, from a tiny house roof! Well worth it, I feel.

Installing the gutters

Initially, I called a guttering friend, but he was busy and said, “You’ll figure it out.”

So, I did.

As you’ll see from the video, I could have done things differently, and I would certainly recommend that you buy one uninterrupted piece for each side if you can. Some gutter installers can drive the machine right on site and punch out a gutter to the desired length right next to your house. I would do this if possible as you don’t have to deal with joins and such, way easier and also saves any potential problems with leaks down the road.

So rather than go into it in too much detail in writing here, I’ll simply post the video. Hopefully it offers some inspiration.