March 17th 2016 – That’s the date I collected the bare naked trailer! On one hand that year has flown by and on the other, it’s been a long hard slog. I definitely thought it was going to be completed by now, but understanding that we have almost zero control (kinda) over what happens in life, is one of the main lessons learnt throughout the last twelve months.

Date Juggle

For anyone that has followed from the beginning, you may have noticed that I installed a ‘completion date target’ widget in the side bar of the site, however, I ended up having to cycle it through a number of different dates as time progressed

September 1st – That would have been a tiny house built in just over 6 months! That was my initial goal, and as I was building the shell it seemed that I was on target.

It’s quite deceiving though, as the actual building of the structure and shell, is the quickest and easiest part. If you’ve done it before, you could likely do it in a week. But then things get complicated.

As I soon realized, there is way more to everything than you first imagine. Each step has way more things to consider than you can originally account for.

Finding the right materials, exhaustion, injuries, re-designing things on the fly and even the need to return to a paying job.

October 16 – I thought I could push it on a little, as there was “just a few things left to do”! Haha, yeah right.

Sourcing cedar slabs, letting them dry out, acclimatizing wood, waiting for the right weather to complete certain tasks. Having to earn more money, learning new skills and developing the confidence to carry them out, such as plumbing and gas-fitting.

Before 2017? – Think again… Unplanned, surprise trips to England and visiting other family in Canada over the holidays took out almost 2 months from the building schedule.

The One Year Mark?

It seemed completely plausible to complete it and be in for March 17 2017, everything seemed to be happening at the right speeds and I was surprising myself at the pace in which I was completing the final tasks. The break had done me the world of good.

But then injury struck and the goal was not met.

Who cares about Deadlines!?

So, as you can see, whilst it’s definitely worth setting an intention, or considering the time things will take, setting a deadline, doesn’t really accomplish anything, except add stress to the equation. So, now that I ‘failed’ to build a tiny house within a year, I can quite confidently say, I don’t care about deadlines!

A lesson in letting go and observing the ego’s needs for appraisal, justification and success. So what if I would have been able to say, “It took me less than a year to build“?

I know, there’s a part of me inside trying to grab that phrase and shove it back in my face, but to that part of me, I say, “Thank you for pushing me, but I don’t need your help anymore! I’ve achieved so much, I’ve built a house for goodness sake, let me enjoy the fruits of my labour!”

~ Forcing the petals on a flower to open, will not make the flower any more beautiful ~