Wow, what a treat! We’ve now been featured on the amazing youtube channel, “Living Big in a tiny House”.

It’s unbelievable how when you put your mind to something it magically manifests.

So, i’ll take you back to the end of 2015, when I was watching an episode of living big in a tiny house, it was during this episode that I made the realisation that we needed to get out of the rental market, with Bryce’s show being the catalyst for us moving into our motorhome.

As we began the build my wife and I joked about being on the show when it was complete. It seems that our desires came true when I was cruising around on instagram and saw Bryce was travelling through Canada.

One day I logged on and saw that he was in a town just a few hours away from us on Vancouver Island. I messaged to invite him over and he said, “I’ll see you on Wednesday”.

Well that was easy! And so we manifested our desire and the experience goes full circle. From being inspired by Bryce’s show, to appearing on the show.

It was such a pleasure to meet Bryce and Rasa and we are so very honoured to have them showcase our house in such an amazing way. It’s such a great gift to have our creation captured on video in this way.