The Tiny House movement is well and truly established. The current model of societies ‘acceptable’ housing policies and procedures, is no longer sustainable and we need to take these matters into our own hands.

Banks can’t be trusted, and the word ‘mortgage’ means ‘death-grip’, so I’m certainly not interested in that!

No longer can the world justify the ridiculous housing prices that we currently see and so it’s time for me to delve  into the world of Tiny Home Construction and will be documenting the process here.

It’s time to empower ourselves and others to create the communities we have lost and to re-establish the importance of building our own nest.

I have never built anything in my life, so will be digging deep into the internet and the libarry to discover the techniques and best practices in order to complete this project.

I am recording the process simply for my own enjoyment and to hopefully inspire positive change in the world.

Join me for the journey.