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Moving a Tiny House in BC Canada

The day that I had been dreading since the beginning of the build had arrived, it was time to move the tiny house. Even to 'normal people', moving house is a big deal, it's a huge life changing event that... Continue Reading →

Featured on Living Big in a Tiny House

Wow, what a treat! We've now been featured on the amazing youtube channel, "Living Big in a tiny House". It's unbelievable how when you put your mind to something it magically manifests. So, i'll take you back to the end... Continue Reading →

Living in the Tiny House for One Month

Ok, so I must apologize about the lack of posts here on the site. Writing about the tiny house has not been a priority for me recently due to the crazy way that life tends to unfold. I won't bore... Continue Reading →

The One Year Mark – Building a Tiny House

March 17th 2016 - That's the date I collected the bare naked trailer! On one hand that year has flown by and on the other, it's been a long hard slog. I definitely thought it was going to be completed... Continue Reading →

The Art of Healing through building a Tiny House

It was inevitable that as soon as the finish line came into sight, that I would injure myself. I never listen to my body when it's screaming at me to slow down, I guess I've been raised to push myself, which... Continue Reading →

Installing Gutters to the Tiny House

Whilst I installed the gutters a number of months ago now, I thought these rainy days that we're currently getting was a perfect time to write about gutters. Besides, the publishing schedule for the YouTube videos has just seen me... Continue Reading →

Right before I started the tiny house build I wanted so badly to record the entire process to video and produce a video blog of the entire build. With almost zero knowledge of construction processes, I soon realized how demanding... Continue Reading →

Fitting the Propane Lines to my Tiny House

Well, I certainly seem to be on a roll here! Just the day after completing the drainage I managed to successfully complete the gas lines and get hot water into the tiny house. The local stores here in Tofino are... Continue Reading →

Plumbing in the Tiny House Drainage System

Once I'd finished the water delivery pipes, I got right into the drainage system for the Tiny House and it went a lot easier and more quickly than I had expected. I'd previously planned a drainage system on paper and... Continue Reading →

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