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Initiation & Pre-Build

Trailer Time

The beginning of this project begins with the excitement of collecting the trailer. Continue Reading...

Trailer Delay and Tumbleweed Workshop

It was all happening so perfectly, synchronistic events we’re occurring and my trip to Vancouver to attend the ‘Tumbleweed’ Tiny House workshop seemed to fall at the perfect time to collect my trailer on the return journey. But things didn’t... Continue Reading →

Choosing the Insulation

I've read way more about insulation that I thought I ever would, or ever wanted. It's not something I've ever had an interest in before, but when you're spending money on it and you want the most environmentally friendly and... Continue Reading →

Ordering the Trailer

The first thing I ordered was was the trailer. Placing that order was the first major decision and the initial commitment to the project. After placing that order, I was scared. I now knew that there was no turning back. Finding... Continue Reading →

Where it All Began

I don’t remember the exact moment that a decision was made to build a tiny home. I do however, remember a series of events that led upto it: Seeing over 50% of your income dissapear on rent Realising we owned... Continue Reading →

Watch this Space!

It is with much excitement and a sprinkling of trepidation, that I begin my Tiny Home Journey. I am currently undecided as to whether I will publish the journey during the build, or save that all for afterwards. But this first... Continue Reading →

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