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Day 6 – Laying the Subfloor

Today I completed the insulation and installed the plywood subfloor. I trimmed off the excess spray foam and then just before I was about to drill the holes and bolt down the trailer, I remembered that I was going to... Continue Reading →

Day 5 – Floor Flip & Installing Insulation

Today was an excellent day as I achieved way more than I had expected. The weather was beautiful and as such, the second coat of paint dried amazingly fast, it was at this time that a friend happened to stop... Continue Reading →

Day 4 – Painting the Underside

It was forecast rain later today, but I thought I'd have time to get the base coat on and then install a tarp. So, that's exactly what happened. I sanded down the plywood with 80 Grit and then applied a... Continue Reading →

Day 3 – Cutting Insulation & Attaching Plywood

Due to the huge amounts of rain we get here, I need to expedite certain aspects of this build. Especially the time during which my floor assembly resembles an empty swimming pool. I decided to cut all the insulation to... Continue Reading →

Figuring out the Plywood Layout

As we live so far away from what one might call civilisation, the ‘Thursday’ delivery of wood, arrives at around 1pm. This means that the majority of my day was spent googling, reading, worrying and figuring stuff out. The rest... Continue Reading →

Day 2 – Blocking & Strapping

Today was equally awesome. After the excitement of the framing taking shape yesterday, I had the more mundane task of adding the blocking. This is the part that slots between the joists to add support and strength. I have basically... Continue Reading →

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