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Day 6 – Laying the Subfloor

Today I completed the insulation and installed the plywood subfloor. I trimmed off the excess spray foam and then just before I was about to drill the holes and bolt down the trailer, I remembered that I was going to... Continue Reading →

Day 3 – Cutting Insulation & Attaching Plywood

Due to the huge amounts of rain we get here, I need to expedite certain aspects of this build. Especially the time during which my floor assembly resembles an empty swimming pool. I decided to cut all the insulation to... Continue Reading →

Day 2 – Blocking & Strapping

Today was equally awesome. After the excitement of the framing taking shape yesterday, I had the more mundane task of adding the blocking. This is the part that slots between the joists to add support and strength. I have basically... Continue Reading →

Ordering the Trailer

The first thing I ordered was was the trailer. Placing that order was the first major decision and the initial commitment to the project. After placing that order, I was scared. I now knew that there was no turning back. Finding... Continue Reading →

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